"Fixing" RedHat

Matt WIlliams matt at emergingmoon.com
Sun Sep 21 02:36:32 BST 2003

Hey all,

I've read that RedHat ships a maimed version of KDE (and many other 
things). Today I downloaded 3.1.4 RPMs from a KDE mirror. After 
uninstalling three or four packages to get qt/qt-devel installed, I got 
the new KDE RPMs installed.

When I go to Control Center and look at the version, it reports 
"3.1.4-0.9x.1 Red Hat". Doh! It doesn't look like it's all "fixed".

Have I "fixed" KDE on RedHat? If not, I'm tempted to get my Slack CD 
back out and install from that... any recommendations on how to get KDE 
3.1.4 binaries?

Matt Williams

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