Blank system tray icon

Michael Adam micada at
Sat Sep 20 23:04:34 BST 2003

Am Donnerstag, 18. September 2003 21:04 schrieb Emon:
> YES....Mr. Shohail
> i could not agree more with u...:-). We should give
> thouse guys at RedHat a knock & probably also a bang
> on the head... performance of their recent distros
> aren't very good, but u know what.... i think the
> system tray icon is KDE's problem.... cos i installed
> kde 3.1.3a and yet the problem hasen't gone away......
> but if i change 2 GNOME the authentication manger
> works just like a charm with it's "keys icon" in the
> system tray!! So i guess... we should mail KDE...oh
> waht m i saying....we R on their mailing list!!...i
> just hope they takes notice...:-)
> thanks

this "authenification manager" is part of Redhat's "modidifications" to 
the standard desktops, not of KDE itself. People who do not use rh, really 
dont know whatyou re talking about.
AFAIK only rh-based packages include it, but not real KDE sources

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