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Salut Greg,
I thought, that you also got the comment to my answers (sorry forget the
name). He is totally right, as he stated, that you need to remove pendig
mails from your outbox, as they have "seen", when you pressed the
send-button, that they should go out by sendmail.
After you deleted them, really new mails should work. You may also then
resend the deleted mails from "send mails" folder, that you deleted from
outbox in the first place.

On Thu, 18 Sep 2003, Greg Johnson wrote:
> I think I followed Hartwig's instructions correctly.  The menu choices are a bit different.
> I went into KDE mail and chose: Settings; Configure K-Mail; and Network.  Under the Sending Tab, I deleted the Sendmail(Default)item which moved my SMTP up one rank so it is now the default item (SMTP(default)).  I still cannot send mail.  The popup error message has been replaced by one in the lower left of the dialog box which reads: "Unrecognised transport protocol, could not sent message."
> Anyone know what I need to do next to correct this problem?  TIA for your help.

  hartwig felger

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