Events in the taskbar

James Smyth smyth1 at
Sat Sep 13 17:29:55 BST 2003


I'm sorry to indtroduce myself to the list witha stupid question, but I'm 
trying to make someone's migration from Windows to Linux as seemless as 

I installed Mandrake on a friend's computer, and he uses AIM alot (well, Gaim 
now). He was wondering if it would be possible so that whenever someone sends 
him a message from a window that's already open, it would flash the window 
title in the taskbar (like in Windows) instead of intruding and popping above 
what he's already doing. I kinda have the same concern, I don't like AIM 
windows popping up while I'm playing Tac Ops or Quake 3 :).

Any help would be appreciated.

- Jim
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