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Mon Sep 8 19:00:56 BST 2003

On Monday 08 September 2003 20:20, Dennis Schridde wrote:
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> Hi!
> I think the filesharing option doesn't work...
> Or perhaps i forgot to configure something.
> If I do a right-click in Konqueror there is an Option for Filesharing. If I
> click it, it opens a window, where i can say wheter I want to share it or
> not etc.
> If I say share and click OK and then open this dialog again, it is
> unchecked again!
> Even allow Filesharing with "kcmshell fileshare" doesn't help. It is
> resetted every time I open it.
> Is this a bug, did I forgot something to configure or what's happening?
> Dennis Schridde
> System:
> SuSE 8.2
> Linux 2.4.20
> KDE 3.1.1
> (everything shipped with SuSE)
> Version: GnuPG v1.2.2-rc1-SuSE (GNU/Linux)

there is a work around, create a directory under /home that is owner/owner's 
group rwx. and create another that also includes others :

on my network, i have only 2 groups, users & root.
some users use windows 9x for clients.
/home/username is exported nfs and smbd, /home/samba is exported as nfs and 
samba. all users are allowed to write, read, execute to /home/samba and 
/home/username. only the user is allowed to read, write, execute in their 
home directories.



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