Printing PDF documents from kghostview generates very large print files

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Fri Sep 5 15:37:09 BST 2003

Keith Refson wrote:
> I frequently need to print PDF documents on our double-sided HP
> laserjet 8100 PostScript printer. When I do this the size of t he
> print file is frequently very large -- 50-100MB even though th
> original PDF was < 2MB in size.  This usually causes the print to fail
> as the printer itself runs out of memory.
> Identical PDF files print perfectly well from Adobe Acrobat reader,
> generating quite small files.
> I suspect that the PDF->PostScript conversion in the print from
> kghostview is producing level 1 PostScript.  Since this printer
> supports lev el 2 I wish to try this.
> Which software component invioked by "print from kghostview" is
> responsible for converting PDF -> PS?  How can this be configured?  I
> know the ghostscript string to use but not where this is configured.

Settings => Configure KGhostView

Select "Ghostscript" in the tree and the GhostScript command line arguments 
are right there.

Why the files get so large is another question.  But, I think that it is 
strictly a GS::pswrite issue.


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