Printing PDF documents from kghostview generates very large print files

Keith Refson Keith.maillist at
Fri Sep 5 10:51:00 BST 2003

I frequently need to print PDF documents on our double-sided HP
laserjet 8100 PostScript printer. When I do this the size of t he
print file is frequently very large -- 50-100MB even though th
original PDF was < 2MB in size.  This usually causes the print to fail
as the printer itself runs out of memory.

Identical PDF files print perfectly well from Adobe Acrobat reader,
generating quite small files.

I suspect that the PDF->PostScript conversion in the print from
kghostview is producing level 1 PostScript.  Since this printer
supports lev el 2 I wish to try this.

Which software component invioked by "print from kghostview" is
responsible for converting PDF -> PS?  How can this be configured?  I
know the ghostscript string to use but not where this is configured.

Keith Refson
Keith Refson       K.Refson AT

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