Two weird font problems when printing in KDE

Andrew de Quincey adq_dvb at
Fri Sep 5 02:14:03 BST 2003

Hi, I'm using KDE 3.1.3 (qt 3.1.2) on mandrake cooker. However, these problems 
has always been with me back when I switched to linux completely with 
mandrake 9.0.

Problem 1)

I'm using the microsoft TTF font Tahoma with freetype with full hinting 
enabled. Tahoma looks fine onscreen, so this is not a freetype problem.

However, if I use the Tahoma font in any KDE application... say I create a 
file in kword with the string "this is a test", and print it, I end up with a 
different font.

I printed to a postscript file, and examined it. For some reason the font is 
being changed to "LuxiSans" by KDE/Qt when I print it. Printed output also 
has a different font substituted.

This ONLY affects Tahoma, all other fonts are fine. It sounds like there is 
something hardcoded somewhere.

The creator of printed PS files is set to "Qt 3.1.2", so this is not a 
ghostscript problem.

Problem 2)

This is separate from problem 1. Whenever I print a document to PS using any 
TTF font:

If I choose "embed fonts in document", the output is AWFUL. The letters are 
all blurry.

If I deselect "embed fonts in document", the output looks fine. However this 
causes problems when I try to print the document to a real printer as I don't 
necessarily have the full set of fonts on my print server.

The same goes for printing to a PDF BTW.

These two problems are the only real irritation using KDE for me. 

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