messed up file types

Konstantinos Georgokitsos kgeorgokitsos at
Thu Sep 4 11:25:43 BST 2003

On Thursday 04 September 2003 12:53, James Richard Tyrer wrote:
> I don't think that there is anything you have described that can't be fixed
> with the Control Center.  Just open:
> 	KDE Components => File Association
> and make what ever changes you want.
> If you have redundant MIME types -- mp3 & x-mp3 are not redundant -- you
> might need to [as root] open the directory: $KDEDIR/share/mimelnk/ and
> check the appropriate subdirectory for duplicates.

Ah, that's the hint I needed. $KDEDIR/share/mimelnk/audio does not have an mp3 
entry only x-mp3. The double entries are in my .kde directory: there are e.g 
x-mp3.desktop *and* x-mp3.kdelnk.
Should I delete the entries with .kdelnk?
I also suppose that the overrides that cause the strange behaviour are in the 
~/.kde directory...


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