Application buttons as taskbar?

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Sep 4 10:44:49 BST 2003

kde-list at wrote:
> Greetings fellow KDE users!
> I have been looking for a way to use the application buttons in the panel
> as a taskbar, if you minimize a window, it goes into the icon that launched it,
> maybe with some graphical element to show that a instance of the program
> is running. I think Apple does something like this in their OS. It would however
> be nice to get rid of the taskbar, i do not like the look of it and it would
> be pretty useless if his was implemented in a good way.
> I dont think it is posible in the panel today, is there any alternative 
> software to achive this? and/or does anybody know is this will become a reallity
> in KDE someday?

Are you running the: Taskbar?  Or, are you referring to the icons on the panel.

You must run the Taskbar applet in a panel.  However, you can configure the 
panel application (Kicker) to have multiple panels.

Perhaps I don't quite understand what you want to do.  But, you are going 
to have to have taskbar because any application running on the desktop 
shows up on the taskbar and even if you use small icons, you will be able 
to fit only a couple of dozen icons on the panel -- what would you do when 
you ran other applications.

IIRC, you can configure Kicker to work about the same as OS/X.  You can 
have a panel with only the Taskbar on it and the length will change 
depending on how many applications are on it.


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