messed up file types

Konstantinos Georgokitsos kgeorgokitsos at
Thu Sep 4 08:37:10 BST 2003

Hello List.

I messed up my file types somehow. I tried to add additional programs to 
handle mp3 files. 
Now Konqueror does not recognise files with ending .mp3 correctly anymore. If 
I add an additional .ok or anything else, Konqueror obviously does not use 
the ending but recognises the file differently, and there the file is 
recognised correctly as mp3 and right-click -> Attributes (? I don't have 
english locale) can present e.g. id3 tags, and right-click->Open with gives a 
nice selection of apps to use to open the file.
When I go into the Konqueror settings for file types (under audio) I get 
something like 5 or 6 different ones for mp3:

- For starters I get 2 file types called mp3 which have as application only 
RealPlayer8 (however, when I right-click on a .mp3 file under Konqueror I get 
XMMS first then RealPlayer8, then nothing), it seems that RealPlayer8 
installed this file type. 

- I also have file types:
mpeg (twice) with apps: Xmms and RealPlayer8, 
mpeg3 with no app, 
mpegurl (twice) with RealPlayer8, 
and mpeg with RealPlayer8

- I then have file types with an x- in front (MIME???):
x-mp3 (twice! one with icon the other without) with a plethora of 
applications, like xmms, Kaboodle, Noatun, xine, RealPlayer8, xmms queue, 
Kid3, KMPlayer

- There are also x-mpeg with RealPlayer8 only, x-mpeg3 (no app), xmpegurl 
(twice, with different file endings, but the same list of apps: KMPlayer, 
Noatun, xmmx queue, Kid3, RealPlayer8), x-mpeg-url (no app).

seems that one of the file types x-mp3 is used by Konqueror when it 
automatically recognises the file without looking at the filename ending, as 
this is the list of apps I get with right-click->Open with.

Can someone help me sweep up this mess?


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