Konqueror/emacs et al

Frank Cusack fcusack at fcusack.com
Wed Sep 3 15:35:25 BST 2003


I'm a new KDE user, love it so far.  The mailing lists page didn't
have a list for Konqueror (surprisingly, to me), so here I am.  

For Konqueror to have a chance, for me, I need emacs key bindings in
the location bar.  I'm going to guess that file dialogs also do not
have emacs bindings.  I can't find any config setting, also I can't
find anything on Google.  I'm surprised this isn't asked every month.
Ok, so how DO I get emacs key bindings?

Second question.  Mozilla goes right to a short URL when I type it.
Konqueror only does this for 'www'.  For others (say I had a host,
oh i don't know how about 'mailman') I have to prefix it with http://,
otherwise it does a google search for me.  Annoying.  Any way to make
it look up names before going to search?  Better yet, I should have to
tab explicitly (like Mozilla) to highlight a Google search autocomplete.

Third question.  Anyone seen a bug where a tab keeps the watch cursor
forever?  eg, go to www.iozone.org and download the linux i386 rpm.
By download, I mean, single click, and save it somewhere.  That window
will now have the watch cursor forever, no matter whether you reload,
visit another URL, whatever.

Last question.  Is there a way to rebind keys in general?  C-l doesn't
seem to have a function, I'd like to have it take me to the location
bar (instead of / in addition to ALT-o).

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