How to use the KDE application link to start a console app in a specified working dir

Parzival Herzog parzp at
Thu Oct 30 05:45:52 GMT 2003

I am a Windows habituated person learning to use Linux and KDE, currently I am 
having the following problem, and neither KDE docs nor Google can shed any 
light on it:

I am trying to automatically start the spambayes proxy server (a Python 
script), at login. I thought that placing an entry in the ~/.kde/Autostart 
directory would do the trick. So I created a "Link to Application" in this 
directory. I tried several things as the "Command",

1, the full path to the python script that implemets the spambayes server
2, python (the full path to the script)
3, a bash script containing a cd to the spambayes server working directory
   (wherein it finds a configuration file) and the command (2) above.

In all of these cases the "Run in terminal" option is checked.

Then I double click the link to test this. A terminal window briefly appears 
and then disappears. (BTW, if I type command (1), or (2)  above in a Konsole, 
the server always starts and there are no problems)

I would like (a) to be able to have the terminal window not close on the 
failure I describe above, so I can read the Python traceback and possibly 
diagnose the problem; and (b) be able to set the working directory that the 
server is started in on automatic start.

I have tried using "-i" as a Terminal option, assuming that it would set the
bash -i (interactive) option, and thus bash would not terminate, but this
has no detectable effect.

There seems to be no documentation or help tips whatsoever about the Execute 
tab of this dialog, so what the "Panel Embedding" section means is absolutely
obscure, and what the "Terminal options" would be is also unclear. So (c)
I would like to know what these data in the dialog are supposed to do.

Can anyone help me to accomplish my goals, or point me to more detailed
documentation that might help in this case?

Thanks, Parzival
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