Konqueror select boxes

Frank Bax fbax at sympatico.ca
Thu Oct 30 03:41:00 GMT 2003

On web pages with (pulldown) select boxes, what happens when you use the 
keyboard is difficult to describe in abstract terms, so I'll use an 
example.  If you visit any webpage that uses a select box to choose 
country, then hitting the letter "C" will cause cursor to be positioned to 
first country starting with a "C".  If you press "C" again, the next 
country is selected.  If you keep tapping the "C" key, you effectively 
scroll through all the countries starting with "C", restarting at the first 
one when you reach the end.  Konqueror appears to have a feature whereby if 
you tap the "C" key twice rather quickly (like a double-click, but on the 
keyboard), you are taken back to the first country starting with "C".  This 
might appear to be a nice feature to go back to the beginning, but I'd like 
to turn it off.  We have developed forms for data entry and some of our 
staff enter data rather quickly - they would like to get to the second or 
third value rather quickly, but if they type too fast, the cursor does not 
leave the first choice.  Telling staff to work slower is not an attractive 

Is it possible to disable this double-keytap feature?


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