KDE-3.2.0b1 ?

Iztok Kobal IKobal at netscape.net
Tue Oct 28 21:04:36 GMT 2003

Ze wrote:

>I see that you know install kde in the distribution
Beside the KDE in distribution, you mean ?

>I use mandrake, and the kde that comes with mandrake9.2 haves some bugs, so i 
>need to upgrade kde, but there isnt any packages (rpms) for mandrake. It's 
>needed to install kde from source (files tar.bz2), and i don't know how to 
>make rpm.
>I already tried to install kde with the program Konstruct, but when i try to 
>run kde made with kde, it simply dont run...
What did not run ? kdm or logging into new enviroment ?

>Can you help me in this matter?
If you downloaded the Konstruct and read the README, you see that you 
have some meta configurations also.  You can choose the approprate one 
for you, go to meta/whatever and make and probably make install too. I 
am not sure.

As for me, I only need the new kde/kdelibs, basically, but I have also 
compiled the kdebase, kdemultimedia and cdbakeoven. Everything went 

Here is what I have done.

1. I am using the SuSE-8.0 with the KDE-3.0.5 shipped natively which I 
did not want to break. So I have changed the "prefix" line in the 
gar.conf.mk file so that it points to /usr/local/kde-3.1.92 The original 
prefix is good, too, but would work only for the user under which you 
build the KDE. If you prefix within the /usr/local/ you should create 
the directory as root prior the KDE build and temporarily chmod 777 to 
make it writable for ordinary user as the build will also install all 
the stuff.
2. I have also changed the HAVE_QT_32_INSTALLED line to true since I 
have it compiled before. Leave it commented out if you do not Qt-3.2.x 
installed - the Konstruct will build and install it too within the 
$prefix filesystem
3. I've been a little suspicious and conservative and first went to the 
kde/kdelibs directory: make; make install
4. As it went OK I became braver and did the same with the kde/kdebase 
and kde/kdemultimedia as well as with apps/cdbakeoven. All went smoothly.
5. I have left the kdm of the native KDE, I only added following lines 
to the .bashrc of the user I wanted to run with the new KDE:

export QTDIR=/usr/local/qt-3.2.1      # that is where I have installed 
the new qt-3.2.1; change to match your configuration
export KDEDIR=/usr/local/kde-3.1.92
QMAKESPEC=$QTDIR/mkspecs/linux-g++                                 # 
only if new qt has been installed - needed for developing qt apps
export PATH=$KDEDIR/bin:$QTDIR/bin:$PATH
export KDEHOME=~/.kde320           # to avoid user profile clashes with 
the old KDE

6. logged to that user et voila !

7. If I wanted to have the new kdm instead of old one, I have simply run 
the lines from above prior to running the kdm of the new KDE.

8. I had to build and install the newest autoconf-2.57 and 
automake-1.7.8 prior to build the new KDE, which I suppose you need not 
since you have mandrake-9.2 - or maybe I am wrong. If you need them too, 
be careful to configure builds using different prefixes - I always do 
such configures with --prefix=/usr/local/packagename.

Hope it helps !


>%Em Segunda 27 Outubro 2003 16:43, o Izo escreveu:
>>I can see that the CVS has been tagged KDE-3.2.0b1 few hours ago. Has
>>this been official already or not ?
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>This message is from the kde mailing list.
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This message is from the kde mailing list.
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