Dead keys not working in KDE

Guillermo Ballester Valor gbv at
Wed Oct 15 20:23:12 BST 2003


After some problems in a SuSE 8.0 box upgrading to KDE 3.1.4, I cannot write 
vocals with tilde such as 'á' or 'ó' we need in Spanish Language.

KDE can display such characters, can cut and paste, I can write it in console 
mode (no X mode). I've set proper language, the keyboard, the layouts and a 
lot of things without success. Some config file is weird and I have no idea 
what is wrong. I have other box with same OS, same options and working OK. 

As example, when I try to write 'á' y get 'a'. I can get it from keyboard. It 
is as if dead key is not working properly. 

Any help about what may be wrong is welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Guillermo Ballester Valor
Linux user #117181. See
gbv at
Ogijares, Granada  SPAIN

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