right click desktop menu's

Jeff NM Parkinson j.parkinson at ponl.com
Wed Oct 15 08:45:00 BST 2003

Hi Guys,

Searched the list and got some hits on configuring the "right click"
desktop menu, but only the stuff I had worked out already.  Seems this
is a highly guarded secret.

I have my own kdesktop_custom_menu1 in my $HOME/.kde/share/custom directory
and I have it pointing to my *.desktop files and they all display and launch
fine, but I am trying to create submenu's as well, but not having much luck.

Searching through /opt/kde3 I have found some .directory files and even a
Directory.desktop under the samples, but none of the tweaking of these files
has come up with the answer.

Anyone done this before and what to help out ??

Kind regards,

Jeff Parkinson
GOC Systems Administrator
Pune, India


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