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Frank frank at
Tue Oct 14 10:04:55 BST 2003

Hi folks

You would think that with all the problems with sound in KDE a 'fix-it' 
would be found in the mailing lists. Sorry, but here we go again.

Present situation :

Using the Control Center [ Mandrake9.1 - KDE3.1.3 (I think)] and hitting 
the test button I get the Start Up sound (KDE) no problem.

When I first installed, I had the Start Up sound playing at KDE start up.

Trying to access too many partitions and plug and plays at the same time 
caused a 'ram dump' which needed my Linux Installation to be rebooted 
with the Start Up Floopy to repair damage done to my /boot partition. 
Everything works fine since, except of course the sound.

I have two CDROMS, RW & R only. I drop my favourite Rock'n'Roll disk in 
to either to listen to good old.............. but no sound. ie. Using 
KsCD I get the LED working fine on the CDROM but there is no sound.

Using a konsole I issue : $ aumix and the GUI comes up fine, but always 
with the 'mute' option checked? Either way, whatever I do with it, still 
no sound.

The settings in Control Center for sound are all set to their defaults.

Close down for the night and reboot the next day............. still no 

I might be a newbie but I am prepared to investigate further.

Where do I look first?

What must be in place and where for aRTsd to work correctly?

I miss my Rock'n'Roll while cruising the web. Care to help me get it back?



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