KDE and ClearCase on Irix 6.5

Nick THOMPSON nickthompson at agere.com
Wed Oct 8 12:40:05 BST 2003


I use ClearCase every day on both Solaris and Linux and there is a way
around your problem:

You need to tell the application which view you are using. Of course KDE
apps have no idea about views, so you will have to use a "View Extended
Path" to see your files. Don't worry, it's easy. If you have a view
called eddie, then just browse into /view/eddie/vobs and there are all
your VOBs ready to use in KDE with the config spec of your "eddie" view.

You can use this technique to access as may views at once as you want.
However, you will have to make sure a view is mounted before you try to
use it. This happens whenever you do "ct setview <view>", so you may
have to run this command before looking in /view.

Good luck,

On Tue, 2003-10-07 at 19:15, Eddie Oistacher wrote:
> Hello,
> I've compiled KDE 3.1.3 on Irix 6.5 (SGI). I have ClearCase installed.
> My problem is: I can't see vobs through any KDE application. When I
> open Konqueror from shell with active view and trying to access files,
> I just don't see files in vob. Same for Kdevelop 3.0.5a.
> Does anyone can help me with my "little" problem ?

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