Recent KDE 3.1.4 install from source on RH9 system.

tyche tyche at
Mon Oct 6 22:49:44 BST 2003

On Sunday 05 October 2003 16:14, Dan Delgado wrote:
> I am new tot he list so I am not sure what info you
> will need on this. To give the overview:
> I installed RH9 from scratch. Basically installing all
> the KDE rpms and a bunch of Gnome-related rpms (due to
> being required for some of the dev apps and
> RH-supplied config-apps)
> I wanted to try out the dev builds of KDevelop3 so I
> went out and got all the sources for all but the
> international stuff. (I am in the US.)
> I built them all, tweaking various Makefile.ins when
> necessary to add some rpath stuff to LDFLAGS when on
> some bins it did not grab it from $LDFLAGS. In this
> manner I had hoped to have a KDE-alt where I could
> change the prefdm path and KDE/QT info in .profile and
> switch (until I was very comfortable.)
> I am right now on 3.1.4, in fact due to the change I
> found out I had not had sound setup (by default) on
> the orig 3.1.1? RH9 setup (had to change permissions
> to <sound> 660 root.users - respond if you get the
> famous cannot open /dev/dsp -> I'll give you the whole
> fix info)
> So that was my first prob. The second and really
> important one is that I seem to not have the 'proper
> fonts.'
> When I compare with another pc (running stock RH9) I
> see that the fonts in control center are similar in
> setup... for example in one area - Sans 10 for both.
> BUT when I pick 'choose' Sans 10 is in the STOCK KDE
> but not the new 3.1.4, so I suspect that even though
> the font is set to sans 10 the system is substituting
> a 'similar' font and that explains the odd "thinner
> and taller" fonts I have now.
> Any help would be GREAT. I still have the old
> KDE/Gnome stuff in the default RH9 directories and the
> new 3.1.4 build is in the /usr/local/kde tree. Perhaps
> setting some "look here" config or copying fonts from
> the RH install to the local one?
> ---Dan
dan on my rh8 system, when i installed kde from source, i had to copy the 
files to /usr/bin from /usr/local/kde/bin to get kde3.1.4 programs up and 
running. the other thing i found out was that by installing the xfree86 
binaries from, i could over write the original rh supplied 
scripts, this cut out rh's version of kde. (i found this out after spending 
days d/l and compiling 3.1.4).

once you have the rh scripts out of the way, this will likely solve your 



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