I have two webcam drivers. Can you help me get one operating properly?

Michael Havens bmike1 at vei.net
Sun Oct 5 23:22:40 BST 2003

How very strange.
Today I turned on the webcam noticed that my curtains (wich are orange) are 
imaged in color. NOt the correct colors but colored just the same. It is very 
strange: remember How I talked about the image being divided? Well in the 
part that has been divided into three equal spaces the curtains are three 
differant colors (as if it is seperating the colors). One is aqua while 
another is yellow  and the third is purple. You know, it looks like the 
colors of those 3-D movies from the 60's (The Creature from the Black 
Lagoon). The rest of the image is grayscale.

Another strange thing is that the color slide-bar does not have any effect on 
these colors.

On Saturday 04 October 2003 02:26 pm, you wrote:
> The next driver I wish to discuss is gqcam...
> Another factor that I do not care for is that it is in gray
> scale and it appears there is no way to change that.  Xcam  at least has a
> pull down menu that allows you to choose between Grey and color. I don't
> know if it works.... but I digress.
> So let us talk about it.

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