I have two webcam drivers. Can you help me get one operating properly?

Michael Havens bmike1 at vei.net
Sat Oct 4 22:26:23 BST 2003

The first one I want to talk about is 'xcam'. It seems to be small. I have no 
image coming from it but right below the pull-down menusthere is a box which 
contains the name of my webcam among other words (it says 'Noname Logitech 
QuickCam Pro 3000 virtual device'). I think that because it is saying virtual 
device is why it does not work. However it must see it! Otherwise  it would 
not know it is a Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000.I am almost positive the problem 
is that the device listed is: 'V41:/dev/video0'.

The next driver I wish to discuss is gqcam. This one sees the driver, gives me 
an image, and lists the webcam in the titlebar. Unfortunately, it is a small 
image. The initial window that contains the image is  about 8"x8" but the 
image within that window is 176 x 144 pixels; but that is not the true size 
of the webcam image. That is divided in half the long way with the top half 
being divided in half again with the top being divided into 3 like images and 
the bottom being divided into 12 of the same picture. As you can tell it is a 
very small image. And each one of these boxes contains the same image. 
Another factor that I do not care for is that it is in gray scale and it 
appears there is no way to change that.  Xcam  at least has a pull down menu 
that allows you to choose between Grey and color. I don't know if it 
works.... but I digress. 

So let us talk about it.

ps~ I don't know if I need to say this but I want to be able to use in my 
travels on the wwweb

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