diplaying file.ps.gz

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Thu Oct 2 00:17:31 BST 2003

Sohail Somani wrote:
> On Wed, 2003-10-01 at 15:05, Johann Philipp wrote:
>>I have been looking at the same thing for quite long, with no good result yet. 
>>When playing around with the file associations I found it works if .gz files 
>>are associated with kghostview as the first application. Same thing doesn't 
>>work for e.g. kate. So kghostview seems to be more clever than kate. OTOH: 
>>doing a "kghostview file.ps.gz" from command line doesn't work.
>>So I believe that all components to do things like this are there (there are 
>>such things as servicetypes or so named gzipfilter...), but konqueror doesn't 
>>like multiple extensions (a mime type for .ps.gz has no effect, if .gz is 
>>defined). Or: I just don't know how to make them work...
> try using pipes
> gunzip | program
> of course the program has to want stdin

The problem is that Konqueror will not accept a MIME type that is a double 
extension: 'ps.gz".  This is technically correct but it causes problems.

The solution probably lies with Ark, or adding 'File Associations' that are 
double MIME types.


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