how to report what i think is a bug

gabriel danstemporaryaccount at
Sun Nov 30 15:13:39 GMT 2003

i've installed kde3.2beta and have been doing a number bug reports (with a 
fantastic response i might add!) but there's one bug that i'm not sure how to 

see when i'm using kmail, i can click on all the buttons and text boxes 
without a problem, but then trying to click on a desktop on kicker sometimes 
requires anywhere between 2-5 clicks to actually switch to the desktop.  it's 
as if i have to tell kde to focus the kicker, then be really sure that's what 
i want.  then show it again, just to be sure.  ...and the behaviour is the 
same with the application start buttons as well as the minimised windows on 
the kicker.

now i can post the above to, but i can't image that that's very 
helpful.  is there a way to get debugging output on this kind of thing?

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  - lau tzu, "tao te ching: chapter xiii"
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