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Russell Davie rjrd at
Tue Nov 25 12:36:35 GMT 2003

Hi Hartwig
oh, I think I should have said this box is running Debian 3.0 stable/testing
bit rusty on rpm as mostly use apt.
what are the specific files I need to search for so as to rebuild the 
I can't find qt3.spec in the deb packages in this box, and isn't working

hgfelger at wrote:

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>Salut Russell,
>On Tue, 25 Nov 2003, Russell Davie wrote:
>>yes! i did get the same problemo in knoqueror and had to fiddle with
>>sellecting the fonts until the text became visible.
>>do you mean uninstall QT packages and then rebuild from source?
>>ie this means a heap of packages with QT in them, libqt3-headers,
>>libqt3-i18n, libqt3-mt, etc
>>which packages would you suggest I start with?
>It is ok. to leave them installed, and build the .srpm or .src.rpm or how
>it is ever called by your distribution. The packages you mention are all
>created by the one srpm. So get the qt3-3.2.1-35.src.rpm (the numbers will
>be different with your distribution). Then do a
> rpm -bb /usr/src/packages/SPECS/qt3.spec
>and wait. The point is, that you get it from your distribution, so that
>the pathes will be set the same, as are in the binary-packeges.
>After compiling I still needed to install the created rpm by hand
>(alltough it should be already done by -bb):
> rpm -U /usr/src/packages/RPMS/i386/qt3-3.2.1-35.rpm
>But you should have deleted these qtrc-files before installing (rpm -U),
>and you should not be running kde while doing so. If missed this, leave
>the graphics mode (with my SuSE it is
> telinit 3
>and remove the qtrc-files and then do the rpm -U again...
>>also,  there is no /etc/X11/qtrc, but there is user-account/.qt/qtrc and
>>a /etc/skel/.qt/qtrc
>you will find the system-wide qtrc by doing a
> rpm -ql qt3 |grep qtrc
>By the way... will be
>readable afterwards...
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