khelpcenter font is invisible

Russell Davie rjrd at
Mon Nov 24 13:00:02 GMT 2003

Hi  Hartwig

>Salut rjrd - are you a robot?
>the name makes me think so (-:
no, no,  not a 'bot,  nor a Turing machine! it the initials given to me 
by parents. ;-)

>On Sat, 22 Nov 2003 rjrd at wrote:
>>Deb 3.0,  KDE 3.1.4, khelpcenter 3.1
>>after upgrading kde to 3.1.4, khelpcenter displays help files with a
>>invisible font so can't be read.  the text can be selected and pasted
>>into an editor, then read.
>Maybe you should rebuild your QT from source. I had this problem on SuSE
>first when upgrading to KDE 3.1.2 and then each time till 3.1.4. If you
>for example go to the konquereror-settings/fonts the dropdown menues did
>show empty lines (but only while dropped down) for some fonts...
>Before installing remove the qtrc-files .... /etc/X11/qtrc and
yes! i did get the same problemo in knoqueror and had to fiddle with 
sellecting the fonts until the text became visible.
do you mean uninstall QT packages and then rebuild from source?
ie this means a heap of packages with QT in them, libqt3-headers, 
libqt3-i18n, libqt3-mt, etc
which packages would you suggest I start with?
also,  there is no /etc/X11/qtrc, but there is user-account/.qt/qtrc and 
a /etc/skel/.qt/qtrc

>hope this helps
>  hartwig felger
thanks Russell
(stuggling hard not to seem like a 'bot!)

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