kde 3.1.93-0.1 problems

Gerhard den Hollander gerhard at fugro-jason.com
Mon Nov 24 14:26:54 GMT 2003

* Jose Celestino <japc at co.sapo.pt> (Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 01:48:10PM +0000)
> Words by Gerhard den Hollander [Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 02:28:50PM +0100]:

>>> after installing 3.1.93-0.1 I faced the following problems:

>>> - khotkeys exits with SIGSEGV at startup but it works ok if run by hand
>>>   afterwards;

>>> - ksplash doesn't find any themes. It seems to be looking at /; if I put
>>>   splash_active_bar.png, splash_bottom.png, splash_inactive_bar.png and
>>>   splash_top.png at / it works just fine;

>>> - klaptop appears out of the sytem tray (on the top left corner of
>>>   screen, unmanaged). same for keyboard_layout;

>>> - kscreensaver sees no screensavers;

>>> Anyone faced some of this problems? Any solutions?

>> There are many issues with 32beta.
>> Some are instalation issues (how did you install ? Which distro ?)

> I installed by doing a rpm -F * on the directory containing the packages
> I downloaded from
> ftp://ftp.kde.org/pub/kde/unstable/3.1.93/RedHat/Fedora/i386/.
> Fedora Core 1.

Hmm ..
the systray thing might bne because the app (klaptop) gets started before
the systray app has finished initialising) the khotkeys SEGV might be a
similar timing issue.

the kscreensaver issue is a known problem. (or at least it sounds like a
known problem )
Try checking the directory /etc/xdg/menus .
That should contain a couple of files named something like kde-*

Redhat might store it's xdg files somewhere else of course ;)

>> Still there are other issues:
>> - arts_init() SEGVs (which means the arts plugin in xmms does not work)

still there. even artscat has this issue.

>> - konqueror is hideously slow
This might actually be caused by our proxy or our DNS server .. if I change
the proxy settings KDE becomes much snappier ...

>> - session save/restore does not work
> Haven't stumbled with any of these :/
are you using xmms ?
If so, which version of the arts-output/arts-plugin are you using ?

Does session save/restore work for you ?
Do you manually save or simply restore the desktop as it was when you last
exited ?

> Yes. Another handy thing would be something MacOSX has: exposé. With the
> click of a button with can have a glance at all the windows on the
> current desktop, smaller to fit the screen (all of them), and then you
> can choose whichever you want and the desktop will be restored with that
> one on top.

The middloe mouse button window menu (click midmouse in background) does
not what you want ?

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