kde 3.1.93-0.1 problems

Jose Celestino japc at co.sapo.pt
Mon Nov 24 13:48:10 GMT 2003

Words by Gerhard den Hollander [Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 02:28:50PM +0100]:
> * Jose Celestino <japc at co.sapo.pt> (Mon, Nov 24, 2003 at 11:48:48AM +0000)
> > Hi,
> > after installing 3.1.93-0.1 I faced the following problems:
> > - khotkeys exits with SIGSEGV at startup but it works ok if run by hand
> >   afterwards;
> > - ksplash doesn't find any themes. It seems to be looking at /; if I put
> >   splash_active_bar.png, splash_bottom.png, splash_inactive_bar.png and
> >   splash_top.png at / it works just fine;
> > - klaptop appears out of the sytem tray (on the top left corner of
> >   screen, unmanaged). same for keyboard_layout;
> > - kscreensaver sees no screensavers;
> > Anyone faced some of this problems? Any solutions?
> There are many issues with 32beta.
> Some are instalation issues (how did you install ? Which distro ?)

I installed by doing a rpm -F * on the directory containing the packages
I downloaded from

Fedora Core 1.

> on suse 82, making sure there are absolutely no conflicts when installing
> helps a lot.

Not suse here but there where no conflicts anyway.

> Setting KDEHOME to somethign else then your kde31 home also helps.

I've tried with a clean KDEHOME (removed it).

> Still there are other issues:
> - arts_init() SEGVs (which means the arts plugin in xmms does not work)
> - konqueror is hideously slow
> - session save/restore does not work

Haven't stumbled with any of these :/

> However, a lot of annoyances and bugs are now fixed, and some xtras
> (decoration less windows) are really handy.

Yes. Another handy thing would be something MacOSX has: exposé. With the
click of a button with can have a glance at all the windows on the
current desktop, smaller to fit the screen (all of them), and then you
can choose whichever you want and the desktop will be restored with that
one on top.

> But unless the 3 issues above are resolved kde32 is not ready for prime
> time (at least not for me ;) )

Well I'm using it prime time now. Although annoying I can ignore those
bugs for now.

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