kde with LDAP users

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at acm.org
Sun Nov 16 21:39:12 GMT 2003

Antoine Jacoutot wrote:
> Hi !
>  I'm having a problem starting kde (with "exec startkde" in my .xinitrc).
>  The screen freezes waiting for something that does not seem to load.
>  I get the following error: kdeinit could't not start, please check your kde
>  installation.
>  Now, this happens for my users (homedir mounted with NFS) authenticated with
>  LDAP, but if I creat a local testuser on the box, kde works fine...
>  I configured pam.d/system,  pam.d/login ans pam.d/kde for LDAP authentication.
>  I can login fine, startx... anything but starting KDE.
>  I also completely rebuilt KDE... doesn't work better.

Please try this and see what error messages you get (or if it works):

	startx -e startkde


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