compiling kde3.1.4

Ze mmodem00 at
Sat Nov 15 00:41:41 GMT 2003

I did it :) i compiled kde3.1.4 with konstruct ok! 

But now i see that the menus are very diferent from the menus that appear from 
the kde that comes from mandrake, and i now instaled kde3.1.4 build by Testar 
but this kde3.1.4 from texstar was for mandrake9.1, and i to install it in 
mandrake9.2 had to left some dependencies and install over other packs some 
packs from texstar.

Resuming, kde3.1.4 from Texstar installed in mdk9.2 is working ok but not 
konqueror in su (super mode), konqueror in su,  dont work 100% ok. It happens 
that if i click to see the properties from a file and if i change something, 
and than click ok, that changes aren't saved.

What i ask, is when i have to do changes in konqueror (in super mode), to that 
changes stay saved, cause when i do it in user mode, konqueror do it ok.

IF you dont know how to fix that, explain me please how to do to put the 
kde3.1.3 build with konstruct appearing with the K menus proper of mandrake.


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