KDM from KDE3.2beta1

Christian Herzyk cherzyk at systrade.de
Fri Nov 14 08:14:26 GMT 2003

Hello James,

> From: James Richard Tyrer [mailto:tyrerj at acm.org]
> Christian Herzyk wrote:
> > Hi James,
> >
> > thanks for your help. I will have to check this evening.
> > I must admit that I never had to care that much about the
> Xsession file. In
> > Gentoo you will find a subir to /etx/X11 which includes a file for every
> > session type availlable at login. These just include the
> statkde command.
> > Adding or removing files here does the trick for KDM up to KDE3.2alpha2.
> >
> Then you need to check two things after setting up you KDE login manager.
> Is your Xsession file unchanged?  It is possible that the KDE install
> scripts have changed it.

I think that is the point. It went the way you explained until now. But it
seems that they changed the way kdm works.
And the Session tab fronm kontrol center you mentioned is gone in the beta.
I didn't find any place to configure what choices it gives you regarding the
window manager. I grepped the whole kde dir for the names of the WMs that
are offered and I do not use in hope of finding a file, but nothing.
Though I think that starting the "default" WM starts the WM configured in
~/.xsession. But I was very tight on time yesterday so I couldn't double

Anyway: I hardcoded kdm from 3.1.4 in the init file for X and now got the
"old" one back and all is well for me right now.

Thanks for your help.


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