KDM from KDE3.2beta1

Christian Herzyk cherzyk at systrade.de
Wed Nov 12 08:14:46 GMT 2003

Hello all,

I just upgraded my KDE 3.2 alpha2 to beta1 on my Gentoo System (running KDE
3.1.4 for regular work).
Now it seems that KDM was changed.
Instead of the pulldown for selecting which desktop to use (including both
KDE versions) I now get a
to choose between KDE, failsave twm... But I cannot choose which KDE version
so it always starts 3.2.
My wife would prefer a localized 3.1.4 instead and so would I for some
productive work.
So my question: Will this change back or is there a way of adding items to
that menu?

As an interim solution I thought about hardcoding the kdem from 3.1 into my
init file for X. Is this a way to go?



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