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Tue Nov 11 15:28:48 GMT 2003

On Tuesday 11 November 2003 08:40, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> On Tuesday 11 November 2003 14:05, David Corbin wrote:
> > > Where to set up %u ?
> >
> > Control Center/Kde Components/File Associations/text/html
> >
> > Although I find this an incredibly BAD place.  There ought to be
> > somewhere that says, what program do use to process HTTP protocol,
> > without regard to what the file type is.
> HTTP is just the transport, for KDE apps it is handled by kio_http the
> HTTP IO slave.
> The MIME type of the transfered data isn't important to the protocol
> handler, it has to match the capabilities of the application using the
> transport.
> If I have a HTML file I want it opened and displayed in a browser.
> If I have an image file I want it opened by an image viewer.
> I don't want a HTML file opened by an image viewer just because the file's
> URL has protocol 'file' and I don't want an image loaded in a browser
> just because its URL has protocol 'http'

But I should be able to say, I want all my HTTP stuff handled by Mozilla.

It should be two layers of configuration.   What tool should be used to handle 
protocol X.  Then, IF KDE is still involved, what tool should handle 
particular file types.  I keep all my passwords in Mozilla, and proxy 
information etc.   I don't want HTTP requests to be made outside of it.

> Cheers,
> Kevin

David Corbin <dcorbin at>

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