Kmail - 'stop' and 'resume' downloading?

Kevin Krammer kevin.krammer at
Mon Nov 10 11:53:32 GMT 2003

On Saturday 08 November 2003 05:47, cr wrote:
> I'm running Kmail 1.3.2, over a dial-up line that sometimes is a bit
> flaky - it seems to stall on occasion.
> Once 'Check Mail' has been started, is there any way to tell Kmail to
> stop? And, if I've had to drop the line and re-establish connection
> with wvdial or kppp, is there any way to tell Kmail to 'resume'?  
> (Hitting 'check mail' again seems to produce no reaction).

When KMail is downloading or uploading mail, it usually shows a 
progressbar and a 'X' button in its lower right corner.
Clicking the X button should terminate the download.

> As it is, it appears the only way I can achieve this is to close Kmail,
> exit from X, re-start X, and re-start Kmail.

Check if there is a kio_pop3 process running.
It should be sufficient to kill it instead of KMail.


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