Kmail & SMTP (stopped working)

James Richard Tyrer tyrerj at
Thu Nov 6 18:20:01 GMT 2003

David Corbin wrote:
> I've started having problems with a working setup, 'out of the blue'.  I have 
> KMail client that basically can NOT  send a message.  It's configured to send 
> via SMTP, and I've closely examined each of the options to be sure they're 
> correct.  I've verified that the SMTP daemon is running and I have no problem 
> connecting to it (via telnet).  When I attempt to send a message, after a 
> time (1-2 minutes), it pops up a dialog saying it cannot send the message 
> because one of the recipients "" is not being accepted.
> Is there anyway to get KMail to provide detailed logs of the SMTP 
> conversation?  Other ideas?

I sure hate it when this happens! :-)

I can't be much help because as you can see if you look for may test 
message, It Works For Me (tm).

You might try doing what I did for the test: remove your: "Outgoing 
account" and reenter it.

I am using KDE 3.1.4+ from CVS.


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