Some KDE 3.2 beta 1 issues

imobachgs at imobachgs at
Thu Nov 6 07:48:34 GMT 2003

Hi all, 

I have solved (with help from others guys) two of the issues
that I found on "Rudi". 

> 1) There is no kcontrol modules... the index is empty :-(
> However, I've found this items in the K-Menu, but
> under a group called "Unknown". 

Ryujin Sanson told me how to solve it (> 

> 2) Konqueror doesn't show me all the images.
> For example, I can't see the Google logo using
> Konqueror. However, I can see another images. 

I'm so stupid... I forgot to enable gif support when I compiled Qt 3.2. 

> 3) I can't send mail via SMTP with my dear KMail. It only
> shows an error message in the bar below and "nothing else
> matters" ;-). Also I have configured to authenticate before
> sending a message (my ISP works this way) and KMail
> doesn't ask for a password. 

I'm not the one who have this trouble. 

Thank you all. 

Imobach González Sosa
imobachgs at
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