kdesktop_lock hangs, ignores password to unlock

Izo I at siol.net
Tue Nov 4 09:48:18 GMT 2003

Josh Restivo wrote:

>Since the earliest versions of KDE 3, I've encountered problems with
>kdesktop_lock hanging on one of my systems. I've always either worked
>around it or switched to xscreensaver but as it has persisted through
>recent upgrades, I figure it's about time to make mention of it. 
The same here - I am using the kdesktop_lock from command line instead 
of pressing the blue knob.

And one another with the KDE-3.2.a/b#: When locking the desktop and 
afterwards trying to unlock it, the dialog claims the password invalid. 
Have I missed any difference, feature-wise, between 3.1.x and 3.2.x ?


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