kdesktop_lock hangs

Josh Restivo jrestivo at inventhorizons.com
Mon Nov 3 15:11:28 GMT 2003

Since the earliest versions of KDE 3, I've encountered problems with
kdesktop_lock hanging on one of my systems. I've always either worked
around it or switched to xscreensaver but as it has persisted through
recent upgrades, I figure it's about time to make mention of it. 

Every second or third attempt at locking my screen will fail and I must
kill the kdesktop_lock process in order to restore functionality. I am
then privileged to another two or three uses before repeating this
procedure. As I use kdesktop_lock on many other machines without issue,
the one unique characteristic of the machine which this problem plagues
is its dual-monitor configuration using xinerama. Noteworthy here is the
fact that many of the screensavers available for use by kdesktop_lock
will crash the X server when activated. Obviously, I tend to avoid

As mentioned, the problem is apparent on varying versions of kde, though
I'm currently using the kdebase-3.1-15 rpm from RH9. Video chipset is
Cirrus Logic 5480. Trace while calling the hung kdesktop_lock...

select(13, [3 4 8 10 12], [], [], NULL) = 1 (in [3])
ioctl(3, FIONREAD, [32])                = 0
read(3, "\34\365\306\0\\\0\0\0)\1\0\0gM\273H\0\0\0\0\1\0\0\0\10"..., 32)
= 32
ioctl(3, FIONREAD, [0])                 = 0
ioctl(3, FIONREAD, [0])                 = 0
select(13, [3 4 8 10 12], [], [], NULL


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