konqueror and sessions: is this a bug?

daniel danstemporaryaccount at yahoo.ca
Sat Nov 1 16:30:59 GMT 2003

i wrote a small web app in php that uses sesssions to maintain user privileges 
between pages.  now, between individual pages, it seems to work, but if one 
of the links in the app that i click on happens to open a popup (which 
includes the session_start(); function), the a new session id is created, 
rather than keeping the old one used on the previous pages.

in internet explorer and mozilla, the session id is kept the same throughout, 
regardless of whether we're using a popup or not.  but konqueror is breaking 
my app.

so my question is:  is this a bug or a feature?  if it's a bug, i won't fix my 
site and wait for the fix.  if it's more standards compliant than the other 
two (moz & ie) then i'll have to do some serious editing....

thanks for the help ;-)

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