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Filippo Spanò filippo.spano at ledcomputer.it
Mon Mar 31 10:47:49 BST 2003

Hello to all of kde!

I use a lot (I hope english is ok!) text editor, to use theme at home from office where 
I save files in winzoz,

but, saving a file with characters like in object, e.g. Gesù, Malibù, etc, the kde-linux 
doesn't open them and tell me:

"the file is not avaiable"

The simple solution should be not save files with à è ect; but it's a solution for 
the effect and not for problem.

What must I do? :-(

But it's not finished! :-((

Even if I open a file without the "bad" characters in the name, if these character are in the
body-text, either Kate Editor and Text Editor in KDE do not works with à è ect, and in place 
of them appear a little square: Gesڤ - Malibڤ :-(((

Even if I use kde, the only text editor that see right is Gedit of Gnome!
I think nothing of bad for gnome, but I want use editor of kde 

I tried to change codification, but perhaps I do something wrong…
..so please suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks and very ciao!!

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