Memory leaks?

Michael D Green linux at
Fri Mar 28 13:51:56 GMT 2003

It appears as if some software I use routinely has a memory leak. And that my 
system does not clean up the resultant garbage.

I'm running KDE 3.0.5 with SuSE 8.0. 

KDE System Guard shows that over a period of an hour or so (perhaps much less) 
after startup the physical memory usage increases to very near the maximum 
available (384 MB) and swap memory starts to be used. With time the amount of 
swap memory being used increases, but never seems to decrease. And the 
physical memory stays near saturation. It will decrease a little when I shut 
down an application. But there seems to be some overall rachetting, which 
makes me think there is a memory leak somewhere.

I normally keep the Mozilla (1.3) mail client, KMail, KArm, Opera, KDE System 
Guard, Konsole, and Konqueror open constantly, and frequently also have Kate 
and/or Quanta Plus open. I am also running Klipper, KDiskFree, KMix, KDE 
Keyboard Tool, and the Clock in the "tray."

That there would be a memory leak in some package is not amazing. I expect 
that with time the developers will correct these.

What I would like to be able to do is free up the memory that is not being 
used (physical and swap). I suspect there is a way to do this that is easier 
than rebooting the machine. Perhaps there is even an application which can do 
it for me. 

Pointers will be appreciated.


Mike Green
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