[semi - OT] Re: pessimal scrolling with khtml (can anyone confirm?)

Denys Duchier duchier at ps.uni-sb.de
Tue Mar 25 23:23:20 GMT 2003

the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com (gabriel) writes:

> try to be a little more polite next time eh?

I was polite.  I replied to be precise about my report, which you
seemed to have misunderstood, and I did not want it to become diluted
with considerations of another tool not directly relevant to the

> and in response to your question, the scrolling seems to work just fine in 
> kmail AND konqueror.  i'm running gentoo as well (1.2 w/ kde 3.1.1 on an 
> onboard video card).

did you compare it with Mozilla?  On my machine it is really night and
day between the two.  With my example, scrolling with konqueror seems
to be routed through a drunken dwarf on pluto.

This has been a recuring concern for me.  Scrolling with Konqueror
sucks for me.  It's a really sore point.  Don't mistake me: I love
KDE; I wouldn't use anything else.  Yet, where scrolling is concerned,
everything else is better.  Mozilla is better.  Even my aging W2K dual
boot which is mostly gathering dust is better (although it is
noticeably slower for most other things).

Something is deeply wrong here, at least for me... and it is wrong
just in KDE because I cannot observe the same problem except in
Konqueror.  I was hoping that my example might be helpful to
illustrate the problem and zoom in on its cause.


PS: additional information laptop Dell Inspiron 8100, 1.2GHz PIII

Dr. Denys Duchier
Équipe Calligramme
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