[semi - OT] Re: pessimal scrolling with khtml (can anyone confirm?)

gabriel the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com
Tue Mar 25 22:34:59 GMT 2003

On March 25, 2003 05:15 pm, Denys Duchier wrote:
> the.angel.gabriel at rogers.com (gabriel) writes:
> > if you view the preceding email in kmail with html viewing ON, "down the
> > rabit hole" covers the header....  cool trick, but is this a bug or a
> > feature?  how can anything be allowed to cover the header?
> this is not about coold tricks and I don't really care about kmail.
> if you save the attachment in a separate HTML file and view it in the
> usual way with konqueror, do you observe the scrolling problem that I
> reported?

now there's no need to get snippy.  i noticed that i couldn't see my header 
anymore and figured that to be bug in kmail.  just because your question was 
answered with a question, doesn't make the latter any less valid.

and in response to your question, the scrolling seems to work just fine in 
kmail AND konqueror.  i'm running gentoo as well (1.2 w/ kde 3.1.1 on an 
onboard video card).

try to be a little more polite next time eh?

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