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Mon Mar 24 16:09:15 GMT 2003

On Mon, 24 Mar 2003 16:53:49 +0100
"Tako Schotanus" <quintesse at> wrote:

> It was explained to me that this has to do with the fact that normaly
> KDE and other apps (eg GTk/Gnome apps) do NOT look the same. Only using
> similar themes for boths systems (KDE/GTk) would make them look the
> same. This is what RedHat has done with Bluecurve. But you could also
> install Keramik and Geramik and have more or less the same effect.

Thanks for the info.  Geramik was the key.  I just switched from Red Hat 8.0 to Gentoo.  FYI, this is what needed to be done:

emerge gtk-engines-geramik
cp /usr/share/themes/Geramik/gtk/gtkrc ~/.gtkrc

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