HELP PLEASE: Where are the times and helvetic fonts in RH 8.0???

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Mon Mar 24 13:39:11 GMT 2003

Alex wrote:

> At some months ago I installed the RH 8.0, I think the complete
> instalation, and I built some routines to print text to printer using QT3.
> Due to some problems I cleaned the hard disk and installed the RH 8.0
> again. Now when I try to execute those routines the font in the prints
> become too big!!! I search in the system and the times and helvetic fonts
> are not there!!!

Helvetic is from abiword, using urw's version of Arial as a bastardized
substitute.  Times (new roman) may well be the same.

FYI, XFree provides bitmap versions of [Adobe] Helvetica and [Adobe] Times,
but in rh8, when antialiasing is turned on, bitmap fonts aren't used (or
available for use).

-- Rex
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