KMail/kio_smtp high load

Waldo Bastian bastian at
Wed Mar 19 23:06:28 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 19 March 2003 19:09, Jorge Schramm wrote:
> It's pretty dificult to reproduce (I wasn't able to do it for the last
> hours), but I must correct myself:
> I cancel the SMTP transmission with the button, because the connection to
> the server breaks down. The connection to the MTA is not done directly, but
> the connection is redirected through another application. If the
> application crashes or cuts the connection (closing the socket), KMail
> doesn't notice this (only after a timeout). As I don't want to wait until
> it times out, so I cancel the transmission.
> But: kio_smtp doesn't stop.
> Unfortunatly I cannot reproduce this :(

Ok, then things are clear. Yes, I can confirm that due to a bug kio_smtp does 
not correctly handle the situation where the connection is lost and from that 
point on it will most likely hang around eating all your CPU :-(

Will be fixed for KDE 3.1.2

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