KMail/kio_smtp high load

Jorge Schramm js at
Wed Mar 19 18:09:36 GMT 2003

On Wednesday 19 March 2003 14:39, Waldo Bastian wrote:
> Ugh, this is pretty buggy indeed. Still puzzling though; I can see how it
> can get into this mess when the server drops the connection prematurely,
> but I don't see how you get into this by canceling the SMTP transmission.
> Can it be that it was doing this already _before_ you canceled?

It's pretty dificult to reproduce (I wasn't able to do it for the last hours), 
but I must correct myself:
I cancel the SMTP transmission with the button, because the connection to the 
server breaks down. The connection to the MTA is not done directly, but the 
connection is redirected through another application. If the application 
crashes or cuts the connection (closing the socket), KMail doesn't notice 
this (only after a timeout). As I don't want to wait until it times out, so I 
cancel the transmission.
But: kio_smtp doesn't stop.
Unfortunatly I cannot reproduce this :(

I hope this information might help you helping me ;)
Thank you anyway,
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