kde3.1 Updating ?

Frank Frank at snapafun.co.nz
Sun Mar 16 10:53:04 GMT 2003

On Sun, 16 Mar 2003 19:05, Frank wrote:
" Hi All
" I have decided to UPDATE my system, both kernel and kde and anything else I
" find along the way. ( Such as Sane1.0.8 - 1.0.1* )
" Thanks to recent postings here I feel confident in using this as an
 exercise " in learning more Linux.
" I don't believe in re-installion because I see it as an option that doesn't
" lend itself to learning the inside of Linux. ( At least for this guy. -
 nuts " maybe huh ? )
" However, doing it right first time would be great so while I'm downloading
" heaps of rpm's maybe seeking your input would be a step in the right
" direction.
" 1. It took me some time to configure sane to recognize Acer 640U with the
 like " of acerware ( firmware ) involved, so will I need to save anything
 for " further installation later.
" 2. The update is to take my system from Mandrake9.0 2.4.19-16mdk to the
 latest " secure system I can find and kde3.0.3 to kde3.1. The following is a
 result of " issuing the test option on some of the rpm's I've already
 downloaded and my " question here is such dependency requirements normal? (
 I don't mind, it's " just that I want to be sure.)
" [root at localhost KDELIB]# rpm -Uvh --test kdelibs-3.1-58mdk.i586.rpm
" error: failed dependencies:
"         libqt3 >= 3.1.1 is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         kdelibs-common is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libXft.so.2   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libaudio.so.2   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libcrypto.so.0.9.7   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libfontconfig.so.1   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libmad.so.0   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libssl.so.0.9.7   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.3)   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         libstdc++.so.5(GLIBCPP_3.2.2)   is needed by kdelibs-3.1-58mdk
"         kdelibs = 3.0.3 is needed by kdebase-3.0.3-68mdk
" [root at localhost KDELIB]# cd ..
" [root at localhost KDE3RPM]# cd KDEBASE
" [root at localhost KDEBASE]# ls
" kdebase-3.1-83mdk.i586.rpm      kdebase-nsplugins-3.1-83mdk.i586.rpm
" kdebase-kdm-3.1-83mdk.i586.rpm  kdebase-servicemenu-1.0-6mdk.noarch.rpm
" [root at localhost KDEBASE]# rpm -Uvh --test kdebase-3.1-83mdk.i586.rpm
" error: failed dependencies:
"         kdelibs = 3.1 is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         kdm is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         mdk-menu-messages >= 9.1 is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         galaxy-kde-kwin is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         mdklaunchhelp >= 9.1 is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         mandrake-mime >= 0.3 is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         krootwarning >= 9.1 is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         kdebase-servicemenu is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         initscripts >= 7.04-3mdk is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         kdelibs >= 3.1-54mdk is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libfontconfig1 >= 2.1-9mdk is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libXft.so.2   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libfontconfig.so.1   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libkutils.so.1   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libaudio.so.2   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libcrypto.so.0.9.7   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libmad.so.0   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libssl.so.0.9.7   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         libc.so.6(GLIBC_2.3)   is needed by kdebase-3.1-83mdk
"         kdebase = 3.0.3-68mdk is needed by kdebase-nsplugins-3.0.3-68mdk
"         libkateinterfaces.so.0   is needed by kdeaddons-3.0.5a-1.1mdk
" 3. I note that the last entry for kdelib and the last two for kdebase refer
 to " my present and an interim version. I take it this is required to get to
 the " latest update state?
" 4. I am a little confused as to which of the kde rpm's I am at present
" downloading I ought to put through the above exercise to get a correct
" dependency requirement list. ( I am leaving off the devel ones for the time
" being.) Is "kde-i18n-en_GB-3.1-1mdk.noarch.rpm" the one? [en my language]
" Believe I had better stop here for now and not overflow my welcome.

Another look before you reply and I realize that I may have to compile source 
to get things to work on Mandrake? Still would like to give it a go though.

Your thoughts would be greatfully appreciated.


Frank at snapafun.co.nz
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