some questions regarding KDE vs. GNOME cooperations.

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Tue Mar 11 11:01:26 GMT 2003

On Dienstag, 11. März 2003 09:25, Mark Hillary wrote:
> On Monday 10 Mar 2003 10:04 pm, Kevin Krammer wrote:
> > Haven't read about this yet.
> > I think that if GConf is superior to the current system technology
> > wise, it might be used in KDE4.
> > Please also note that KDE4 is not very near future :)
> I am not sure I like the idea of win reg style central configuration
> database. Maybe this is just down to my experience of the windows
> registry

As I said, the core developers are very unlikely adopting anything which 
is not better than the current system.

> > The glib "problem" is IMHO not as big as mails from some people
> > suggest. Most KDE developers will only work with a highlevel KDE API
> > and never have to use gplib directly.
> > glib would only needed if creating new codec plugins and stuff like
> > that, which is usually written in C anyways, so using glib can't be a
> > problem from those developers.
> The problem is having another dependency(unless its one already).

My understandig is that the dependency library wise is not a problem or at 
least not a big problem.

The major concerns sofar seem to be exposing glib stuff to KDE developers 
and adding stuff already available in Qt, thus "bloating" KDE.

> > AFAIK the idea is to reduce the default number of options available
> > in control center but to have some kind of "extended config center"
> > for people who like to control more details of their environment.
> >
> > Like tweakUI on Windows, but as a KDE standard tool.
> I really hate this idea. Having two programs to configure the desktop
> is shear stupidity and would be deeply confusing to new users.
> Questions like "Which program do I use to configure the icons?" would
> arrise. As maybe under this scheme normal icon setup would be in app1
> and setting like animate icons or set effects would be in app2 as they
> are considered advance option.

I think kcontrol will still contain the usual options.

The new application is mainly for things you currently have to edit config 
files for.

> What is a lot better is to improve the layout of kcontrol, moving
> options to an extra tab, or having a button called advanced options.
> And having sensible defaults.

I am not up to date in this matter.
If you're interested I suggest you subscribe to kde-usability.

> > The DBus thing seems to be very low level, below the current level of
> > desktop environments.


> I know nothing about this, but it sounds very intresting. This would
> make the whole system more user friendly

I am hoping for that too.


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