Bad opcode makes mouse perform random actions or freeze

Yun Zhou innerguy at
Tue Mar 11 03:04:41 GMT 2003

>From time to time, the mouse cursor just seems to "jump" around, doing random 
things, such as move from one corner of the screen to another, even 
performing 'clicking' actions on items. At some points, it even freezes 
entirely, and I have to use ctrl+alt+F key in order to switch to another 
terminal, and back to F7, and then the cursor works fine. 

Every time this happens, KDE spits out the following error message:

"WARNING: KDE detected X error: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes) 8
 Major Opcode: 62"

How do I go about fixing this? It's getting REALLY annoying having to switch 
terminals every 3-4 minutes (since I mostly use keyboard and konsole, it 
didn't show up until recently, when I had to use the mouse a lot more to play 

I'm using a PS/2 mouse with XFree86 4.2.1 and KDE 2.2.2

Thanks in advance!
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